Introducing IDESR: Seminar

Video: In this seminar given to the Applied Linguistics research group at the University of Oxford, Dr Hamish Chalmers introduces IDESR, the International Database of Education Systematic Reviews. Hamish describes the rationale behind setting up the project, the methods used to develop it, and plans for the future.

Systematic Review Mining

The primary challenge in creating IDESR has been locating systematic reviews to include in the database. The whole point of what we call the ‘library’ arm of IDESR is to make locating systematic reviews in education simple for researchers and decision-makers. To date, if someone wanted to find systematic reviews addressing a particular issue, theyContinue reading “Systematic Review Mining”

IDSER is Launched

The Department of Education at the University of Oxford has today launched IDESR (the International Database of Education Systematic Reviews). IDESR is a free-at-the-point-of-access electronic register of published systematic reviews in Education, and a clearinghouse for registering and publishing protocols of planned and ongoing education systematic reviews. Today’s release sees the launch of the firstContinue reading “IDSER is Launched”


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IDESR is a clearinghouse for the registration of protocols of planned and ongoing systematic reviews in education, and a database of published education systematic reviews. This site is our blog for news and views about IDESR.

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